Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After....

Any regrets?  Wishing that last serving of pie hadn't been consumed?  Shocked at the scale this morning?  Are you out shopping and eating sweet treats and fast food already today?

Well, as I said before, "Tis the season" right?  Here's what I know.  We can't do anything about what we ate yesterday.  Can't change the fact that we sat around all day watching football eating tasty morsels and sipping calorie laden alcoholic beverages.  That's done.  All we can affect is the here, now and future.

So with that said, it's important to understand that the holiday season is the holiday season, and there will be moments you partake of festivities a bit more than you should.  I'm no Debbie Downer, I want people to enjoy the holiday, I want people to taste some amazing foods and celebrate with friends and family.  But if someone wants to enjoy the season, AND maintain some semblance of a wellness lifestyle, I want those people to know it's possible.

To that end, I say we can't change what we did yesterday.  We can choose differently today.  And as I've said before, with proper planning, and commitment, one can enjoy the various opportunities to eat great food, AND still live a wellness lifestyle.  Remember to look for healthy recipes. We cooked a new recipe yesterday called "Paleo Stuffing".  It was very tasty and very healthy.  There are many great variations of treats that are made in healthy ways.  Remember to cook appropriately when you can, and cook some extra so you can have healthy foods more than just on one night.  Head to the gym today, and once or twice this weekend too.  Just as there are always opportunities to eat the bad stuff, there's opportunities to offset it and eat well and move well!

Never, ever, ever ever give up (My apologies to Sir Winston Churchill).

Until next time...Be well!!

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