Thursday, November 8, 2012

So You're Sick.......What Now??

I have had two incidents recently where a sick friend has come to mind.  One is very sick with cancer, the other was sick with a typical infection.  While there are obvious differences between the two, the commonality is that their immune systems are in a battle, albeit one much more serious than the other.  It made me think of what I'd do in similar situations, and what I've done when I have gotten sick with some kind of infection (no I've never had cancer, praise God).  In both situations, the immune system needs to be boosted, because in both situations the immune system has been overcome by the illness and has, hopefully only temporarily, lost the battle with the disease.

The first thing I'd do is to make sure I am not doing anything that further compromises my immunity.  I'd remove all toxins from my body, and this includes toxic thoughts and relationships.  Sugar is a major culprit that lowers the immune response and must be removed in totality (shouldn't be there anyway).  Sugar creates inflammation in the body and that is the breeding ground for infections and other diseases, including cancers.  A study I read recently showed that one sugary drink has measurable negative influence on the immune response.  So I'd totally cut out sugar and processed foods (which break down into sugars).  Stress also influences immunity and slows down it's response, so I'd be sure to remove myself from as many stressful situations as possible.

Why do we feel so sleepy when we have the flu?  Have you ever thought of that?  It's our body's innate intelligence telling us to slow down, power down so that the body can focus on repair and restoration.  So it becomes more important to get appropriate rest when we are ill, whether with a simple infection or cancer.

Finally, I'd fill my body with as much good stuff as I possibly can with regards to food.  I personally would no longer eat fake foods.  I'd focus on living food, preferably organic, as well as good grass fed, free range meat/chicken and wild caught fish.  So my diet would include unlimited veggies and fruit (juicing would be an even bigger part of my life than it is), and good healthy meats.  I'd consume only water and tea, unsweetened of course.

These are the same procedures I use with my kids when they are under the weather, they know to eat more fresh food and get rest and increase their water intake.  They know to avoid any junk food that they have access to throughout the day.  In reality, this is how we should live anyway to promote optimum wellness.  If we did, the chances of us contracting infections, or worse yet, cancers, would be significantly decreased.  And, in the off chance we did fall ill, our immune systems would be built up as strong as possible and thus give us a head start on beating our illness.

Until next time....Be Well!!
Dr. Bruce

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