Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Price Vs. The Prize

Really, this is what it all comes down to: The Prize vs. The Price. There it is, the secret of the universe. I could stop now and never write another thing (and some might be thankful for that) and you'd have all you need to make the lifestyle changes you know you need to make. The Prize vs. The Price. So simple. Who knew?

If we're not moving forward in our desire to be more healthy, then we're focused on the price. Sometimes the price can seem so overwhelming. I know, I have those moments, days, weeks or seasons. It seems the mountain is so high, and with my little steps it will take me so long to get to the top. What's the point? Gosh, I took 10 steps yesterday, and then I slid down the mountain on some loose shale, and ended up 15 steps back. And I skinned my knees and hands in the process and bruised up my backside. Now I feel achy, stiff, frustrated and don't know if it's worth it anymore.

Sound familiar? It probably should for most of us. It's those times where the price seems so huge, so monumental, so unconquerable, that it feels better to just give in, ie turn over and go back to bed instead of getting up to exercise, go to Wendys for a single combo with cheese instead of going to the store and making something fresh and healthy, ignore the need to de-stress and just keep plodding along, not take the time to truly rest, but rather stay out late partying regularly. It just seems so much easier to turn around, and walk DOWN the hill instead. Besides, that's what most people are doing, why not just go along with the crowd?

Here's why. Step back and look, REALLY look at the crowd. Do they have the life you really want? Most are over worked, over stressed, over weight, and over eating. Do you REALLY only want what the rest of the world has? Or do you want to be better than average?

Those who enjoy their lives, and live very balanced in their eating, moving, thinking and resting don't look at the price as much. They keep their eyes on the prize, even in the midst of the days where they're slipping down the slope and banging up their knees, elbows and backsides. And if they do start thinking about a price, it's the price they'll have to pay if they DON'T eat, move, think and rest well. They keep that in mind along with the prize of the life they want to live, the legacy they want to leave behind, and the memories they'll make of overcoming the challenges they've had to overcome.

I saw this on the face of many of the 1st time 5k runners at the recent 1st annual Lake Houston Area 10k/5k and Wellness Fest in our area. My wife was one of them. I was standing at the area where the 5k-ers turned in toward the finish line, and the look on her face as she could see the mountain top was priceless (get that? PRICE-less....think on that one). I remember high 5-ing some of the other 1st time runners as they finished up and seeing their proud looks. That was a perfect example to me of people focused on the prize.

That's what keeps me going personally. We all need to focus on the results, and overcoming challenges so that we can become the person we want to be. Get your reason, your prize, clearly in your mind and stay focused on it. And when you slip (and you will), don't look down, keep focused upward and get right back off your rusty dusty backsides and take that next step. Remember the prize, not the price!

Ok, cue the Rocky Theme Music now :-)

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