Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Choose Life

Every day we have choices to make.  What time we wake up?  Do we get out of bed immediately?  Do we eat a good healthy breakfast?  Are we stressed on our way out the door?  Do we eat out of a vending machine for a snack or lunch?  How do we respond to stressful situations during the day?  Do we come home happy?  Do we finish the day off with a healthy meal shared with family or friends?  Do we schedule in time for exercise? Do we spend time in gratitude daily?  Do we read 30 minutes from a good book daily?  Do we go to bed at a regular time?  Do we attend to matters of spirituality?

All of those questions are good ones to evaluate the "wellness status" of our daily lives.  Very few will answer yes to all of those every day, if anyone would.  But they are a great survey for us to base our daily lives on.  There are other questions you could add into the list, my list is far from comprehensive.  Why not create your own list of questions?  What if you started looking at those questions daily as part of your daily disciplines?  How do you think that would impact your life?

I'll tell you the answer to the last one.  It would most likely help you to take steps daily to making your life a bit more healthy, a bit more wellness oriented.  Creating a new "wellness status" is just a matter of taking a few new steps here and there.  And don't be overwhelmed if you answered no to most of the questions listed, or even if you answered no to ALL of them.  Where you are isn't important, where you're going is.

Don't make your life be one of "what ifs", make decisions today to create your future life.  It's in your hands.  Take some time to be a bit introspective.  Choose life!

Until next time...Be well!
Dr. Bruce

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