Friday, April 5, 2013

What's The Weekend For?

Sounds like a dumb question doesn't it? I'd agree except that for many people, the weekend means different things. For many, it's a time used living in a way that we don't normally live.  Higher alcohol consumption, more dinners out, more junk food, no exercise, lots of sitting around watching sports and more.  And in moderation, that may be ok in our wellness quest.  Maybe.   

I've found when I watch my weight throughout the week, I'll consistently lose weight Monday through Friday.  But when I weigh back in on the following Monday, I'll be back up by the same amount of weight I had lost over the previous 5 days if I am not careful.  I understand that weight is not the "be all, end all" in evaluating the status of our health and well being.  But it certainly is ONE of the markers, and right or wrong,  most likely the MOST used marker.  My point is in speaking about this though is that it only takes 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) to UNDO a whole lot of good work in our lives. I find that particularly true as I get older. (old-ER, not old)

So what's a person to do?  Aren't weekends meant for down time?  Aren't they meant for renewal?  Don't you, Dr. Guillory, preach the importance of resting well?  Yes, I do preach that.  What I don't preach is overindulgence.  I think Mae West was quoted once as saying "too much of a good thing is MAAAAHVELOUS", but that's just a cute quote.  I have no issue with going out to eat a big meal.  I have no issue with watching some sports on TV Saturday afternoon.  I often do both of those.  But I think the issue is that many people totally bankrupt themselves on the weekend when it comes to health; there's NO exercise, there's way too much junk food and alcohol consumed, and entire afternoons spent on the couch.  Are you guilty of that?  (honestly, there are times when I am too).

So I think, the answer lies in one word:  Plan.  Just as I preach often, "Failing to plan is planning to fail", we need to focus that applying that to our weekends.  Realize that there will be opportunities for indulging.  But plan for a great healthy meal, replacing a meal with juicing and/or some healthy vegetables and fruit.  Plan on trying a new healthy recipe since you'll have more time to cook it up. Plan some time outdoors with your family walking, playing tennis, or if the weather is inclement, going to the gym together.  Listen to your body, and plan a nap if you feel worn down.  The key is to plan it all.  If we leave it to chance, chances are poor decisions will be made.  

So, here it is, Friday afternoon, what are your plans for the weekend?  None?  Time to PLAN it!  I just created this acrostic for PLAN:  Prepare it, Live it, Analyze it, and NEXT!  Prepare is the planning, Live is doing it, Analyze is seeing if it worked, and NEXT means to work on the next plan.  Just something to think about!

Until next time...Be Well!!

Dr. Bruce

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