Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Problem Is Not The Problem

I wish I could take credit for that title.  I will have to give props to my pastor, Phil Herrington, for that though.  If I've heard him say it once, I've heard it a thousand times from him.  At first I thought it was just an interesting statement.  But I cannot tell you how many times over the past 10 years this statement has rung true in varying ways/scenarios that I've seen in my life and in others' lives too.  Today I want to take a look at this statement from a wellness point of view.

This statement came to mind to me last night as I was at a seminar.  There was going to be a presentation on weight loss/fat loss.  Some talk was going on about the use of lasers for fat removal.  This is all interesting in some regards.  I am sure there are benefits to using things to reduce one's flabby belly, hips thighs etc.  There are supplements that people use for fat loss, some are even natural.  In some cases, even many cases there are good results.  I heard a doctor talking last night of how many waist sizes patients are losing using his technique for fat loss.  I am sure they look much better, and there's no doubt that having less fat in one's abdomen is definitely a good thing, I am not disputing that.  But this line of thinking can be dangerous because in reality, the problem is NOT the problem.

For instance, just because someone has less fat (looks better) does that mean they are healthy?  The answer is no.  I have seen it in many lives.  There are plenty of thin people running around with high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.  There are heavier people running around with GREAT blood pressure and normal lipid profiles (not giving anyone freedom to become overweight/obese here).  So while a person may think "my fat/waist size is the problem", it's not.

This same line of thinking occurs in people in the area of energy.  Some say "I have no energy" so they load up with coffee, energy drinks, energy supplements etc.  This gives them energy in the short term.  So they feel better and can accomplish more.  However, they've only addressed the perceived problem, not the real problem.
The same thing goes for those that are sick often.  Many times they have fallen into a lifestyle that involves living off of antibiotics and antihistamines, ibuprofen and the like.  This gets them feeling better or in some cases at least keeps their symptoms down to a dull roar.  However, once again, the problem (sickness) is not the real problem.

Some people have issues sleeping.  They can't get to sleep til 2 in the morning.  Or, they fall asleep and then wake up.  Some fall asleep, but never get into deep sleep where repair and rest occur.  So they often turn to over the counter medications or even prescriptions.  This may again solve, or better yet, subdue the perceived issue.  But the problem remains.

So goes the life of many people. They can use supplements/procedures/medications to burn off fat, increase our energy temporarily, not run a fever or sleep better and for all appearances, things will appear rather acceptable.  From the outside they may appear great/healthy.  Much of this stems from our Western culture mentality of "for every ill there is a pill".  This line of thinking, pure and simply, kills. 

The problem is NOT the problem.  More specifically, the PERCEIVED problem is not the problem.  Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleeping issues, energy issues, are many times all just a symptom of our suicidal lifestyles.  We can take all the supplements available, have all the procedures possible done, take medications to artificially change our insides, and still be killing ourselves daily by how we live.  Sometimes certain procedures or medications are necessary to handle critical situations.  But without lifestyle changes, we will still be sick and growing sicker by the day.  That's THE problem, THE thing that needs addressing.  That's what we try to address in our patients so they can become truly healthy.

Remember, the problem is NOT the problem (Thanks Pastor Phil!)

Until next time... Be Well!
Dr. Bruce

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