Wednesday, December 28, 2011

January Is National Diet Month

January is known as National Diet Month.  Hmmm I wonder why?  Just kidding of course.  It is the time of year that many, many people decide to “go on a diet”.  Why?  For a couple of reasons I believe.  One, the beginning of a year offers a chance to start anew and get rid of old habits or add new ones.  Two, most of us spent the time frame between the end of November and January 1st pigging out, eating more sweets, consuming more alcohol etc. and we feel the added weight on our body.  So, it naturally seems to be a good time to start over in many ways, and our health or diet seems to be one of the most common areas we choose to start with.

But I’d like to put another thought in your head.  Whether you like it or not, you’re on a diet.  Right now, at this moment, you are on a diet.  Whether you decided consciously or not to be on it, you are on it.  Some of you are on diets that are terrible, some on diets that are just ok, some on diets that are great.  Whatever choices you make in regard to what you consume regularly, that is your diet.  So you can’t decide to “go on a diet”, you’re already on one.  You CAN decide to CHANGE your diet, and for most of us, that could be a really good thing depending on how we change it.  

Consider this/these questions:  Are you consuming 6-10 servings a day of raw fruits and vegetables?  Are you consuming high quality protein from range fed animals daily?  Are you drinking enough water daily? I know the answer to those questions for me, and I’d guess for most of you as well: No.  It’s not a question meant to condemn you or discourage you, it’s a question to help you see where are you are as compared to where you should be.  It allows us to evaluate what kinds of changes should be made.

So if you answered no to any or all of the questions, the next question is “How can I get to that point, or at least closer to it?” That’s how we set our plans up.  For instance, if you’re consuming only one piece of fruit a day, how can you get another one in?  Figure that out and put it in the plan.  If you’re consuming 4 servings/day, then you ask the same question.  It’s really a very simple and powerful exercise as it empowers you to move forward and get closer to wellness.  By the way, if you are consuming little to no fruits/veggies every day, then you not only need to start eating some a.s.a.p., you also need to supplement with a whole food supplement like our NanoGreens or NanoReds supplements.  Fruit and vegetable consumption is one of the main ways we boost our immunity with food, decreasing our chances of getting many diseases.  But remember, a supplement is just that, a SUPPLEMENT, not a substitute!  So don’t take the easy way out and go only with supplementation.

So now that you know you are on a diet already, what changes in that diet do you need to make?  How can I help?  Our lifestyle counseling services or wellness consulting services can be the added support you need to make those changes permanent in your life, part of your regular diet and lifestyle.  We’re here to help so feel free to contact me via email, Facebook or phone.  We can be of service to you via any of those mediums.  The important thing is to act now, and get headed in the right direction so that at this time next year, you’ve created a new YOU!

Until next time…Be Well!
Dr. Bruce

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