Saturday, March 26, 2011

Community Wellness: The Ride Of A Lifetime 2011

Well I/we did it again. Once again I had the chance to participate in Lifetime Fitness's "Ride of a Lifetime". Last year we did it for the first time, and this time it was done bigger and better. We again set the world record for the largest 2 hour outdoor spin class, this time with over 800 participants!

Last year we had about 600 people, and the temps ranged from 37 to 45 degrees. This year it was MUCH warmer, about 75-80 or so. MUCH MUCH warmer! But, now I am one year further into my fitness plan, and I do 2 spin classes/week and hit it hard when I do, so even though it was warmer, I felt it was easier to get through.

There was an air of excitement and I admit to having goosebumps as we got started (they wore off quickly though). It was great being part of such a large group, and spinning withe many of my regular 5:15 a.m. spin class partners, and spending time getting to know them a bit more prior to the event as well. Much water was consumed, gatorade too, and a few bites of banana that were passed out by the staff from LTF. There's nothing quite like the site of 800 people all dressed alike, riding in unison, fighting to accomplish the same goal. It was an outstanding event to be part of!

When I first went to a spin class, less than 2 years ago, I was afraid, as a man in his early 40's that wasn't in the best cardiovascular condition. If you had told me after that first class I'd be able to do a 2 hour class, twice in the next 2 years, I'd have laughed. I remember having trouble sprinting while out of the saddle those first several classes, due to my conditioning, and to my coordination. But because of persistence, and the encouragement of LTF instructors, I am 10 pounds lighter, one pant size smaller and in much better condition than I ever thought I'd be in my mid 40's. I am forever grateful for that.

All in all, the Ride of a Lifetime was/is a great event to be part of. I hope to do this every year (if they put it on) and watch everyone get pumped about being part of it and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I get from completing it, in hot or cold weather!

Everyone should find some way to get involved in a community of like minded people that support them in their quests for wellness. This is what I've found in the spin classes at Lifetime. I have many accountability partners that I spin with. I am grateful for the community I've found, and for Lifetime creating these opportunities! I hope you find something similar in your life to help you in your quest for wellness.

Until next time...Be Well!

Dr. Bruce

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